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Much of my recent work combines geometric objects with light and architecture in immersive installations. I am interested in current scientific research that connects disparate parts of the universe through underlying geometry; the idea that there is a unifying structure that unites all thought and matter, past and present, is compelling to me. Carving wood, for example, is a way of revealing an underlying architecture that was already there. More captivating than the actual geometric theories is the process of experimentation and discovery shared by scientists and artists alike. I am intrigued by the next set of questions each installation poses and the challenge of uniting materials, light, and architecture within each body of work.

My influences range from modernist design, architecture, and industry to the light, space, and time movements of the 60s through today. Through my work, I probe ideologies of utopian hope and human innovation. Ultimately, I want viewers to walk away thinking about everyday materials and encounters in new ways.

To download a pdf of Heather Bhandari and Courtney Colman's curatorial essay Keith Lemley: More is Different click here

Keith Lemley received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2010. Since then he has had solo exhibitions at venues including LMAKgallery (NYC); Mixed Greens (NYC); Urban Glass (Brooklyn, NY); 1708 Gallery (Richmond, VA); The Sculpture Center (Cleveland, OH); Redux Contemporary Art Center (Charleston, SC); The Soap Factory (Minneapolis, MN); the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (Grand Rapids, MI); Complexe Guy Favreau (Montreal, Canada); Summerhall (Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Smith Center for the Arts (Providence, RI); UW-Milwaukee Union Art Gallery (Milwaukee, WI); ROY G BIV Gallery (Columbus, OH); and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Pittsburgh, PA). Group exhibition venues include the Museum of Modern Art (NYC); Family Business (NYC); Dowd Gallery (Cortland, NY); Trestle Gallery (Brooklyn, NY); Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (Los Angeles, CA); Shoshana Wayne (Santa Monica, CA); Glazenhuis National Museum, Lommel, Belgium; Dubuque Museum of Art (Dubuque, IA); Exhibit A (Corning, NY); Parlor Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ); and the Dishman Art Museum (Beaumont, TX).

Keith Lemley is represented by Keijsers Koning, Dallas, TX