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My work is about seeing the unseen – the invisible presence which exists in our minds and surrounds all objects, experiences, and memories. I have developed a keen interest in being part of and observing natural systems, time and the process of life and death, and an aesthetic sensibility synthesizing the organic and the machine.

I focus on the potential of materials and environments to be more and different than how they are currently perceived and understood; fulfilling an innate desire to explore, discover, and wonder. Drawing attention to physiological systems of vision, thought, and memory, I am interested in making conspicuous our perceptions of ourselves, reality, and time. Initially capturing attention through formal means, the content of my work then enters the cognitive as one actively relates this experience with those already held in the mind as memory. At this juncture of feeling and thought meaning is produced. By reorganizing the fabric of the everyday into the unusual, a heightened sense of the present is felt. Ultimately, one walks away more self aware and delighted in everyday visual ephemera and the experience of being a living breathing being.

Keith Lemley received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2010. Since then he has had solo exhibitions every year at venues including Mixed Greens (NYC); 1708 Gallery (Richmond, VA); The Sculpture Center (Cleveland, OH); Redux Contemporary Art Center (Charleston, SC); The Soap Factory (Minneapolis, MN); the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (Grand Rapids, MI); Complexe Guy Favreau (Montreal, Canada); Summerhall (Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Smith Center for the Arts (Providence, RI); UW-Milwaukee Union Art Gallery (Milwaukee, WI); ROY G BIV Gallery (Columbus, OH); and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Pittsburgh, PA). Group exhibition venues include the Museum of Modern Art (NYC); Family Business (NYC); Dowd Gallery (Cortland, NY); Trestle Gallery (Brooklyn, NY); Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (Los Angeles, CA); Shoshana Wayne (Santa Monica, CA); Glazenhuis National Museum, Lommel, Belgium; Dubuque Museum of Art (Dubuque, IA); Exhibit A (Corning, NY); Parlor Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ); and the Dishman Art Museum (Beaumont, TX). He has an upcoming solo exhibition at LMAK Gallery in NYC in 2018.

Keith Lemley is represented by LMAKgallery, New York, NY